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Does your dog routinely embarrass you in public?

Are you afraid to take your dog to certain places because he is aggressive, disobedient, or out of control?

Have you hired one or even several other trainers and still not gotten the results you really needed?

Do you dream of having a dog who listens on and off leash in any situation?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. We can help you! Imagine having a dog who doesn't pull on the leash, jump on friends or strangers, bark incessantly, chew, or run away! Imagine your dog listening, with or without a treat, with or without a leash, under any distraction! Choose from any of our customized packages and we guarantee to be the last trainers you will ever contact, for a lifetime of results.


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"Mick"  -  SOLD

Mick is a 16 month old Belgian Malinois that was bred by us here at Absolute K-9, out of Bronson Fekkai Rouge and Daneskjold Iron. He is a handsome, medium sized, dark sable male. With a foundation in IPO protection and obedience, as well as suit work, Mick would excel as a police, personal protection, detection, or sport dog. His temperament allows for him to show full aggression, with sharp striking, and excellent gripping, and come home to a family with children. He is fast, agile, and very strong for his size. He is stable in his temperament, neutral to other dogs and strangers.  Mick has experience living with other dogs and cats.  He has incredible nerve to his environment, and would excel in any job.  He is clean and quiet, easy to care for. Because of his high drive, Mick requires an active home.  Please contact us for more information.

Obedience and Foundation Suit Work

Play, Retrieve & Hunt Drive, Metal Object Retrieval, and Nerve to Environment/Surfaces

Mick on the Playground with Kids

Foundation Bite Work (7 months)

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