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Does your dog routinely embarrass you in public?

Are you afraid to take your dog to certain places because he is aggressive, disobedient, or out of control?

Have you hired one or even several other trainers and still not gotten the results you really needed?

Do you dream of having a dog who listens on and off leash in any situation?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. We can help you! Imagine having a dog who doesn't pull on the leash, jump on friends or strangers, bark incessantly, chew, or run away! Imagine your dog listening, with or without a treat, with or without a leash, under any distraction! Choose from any of our customized packages and we guarantee to be the last trainers you will ever contact, for a lifetime of results.


Call us today to discuss your dog and let's get started! We can't wait to hear from you! (215) 598-DOG-E or IPODogSport@gmail.com

Please take the time to browse our website for more information on our company and its’ services and thank you for choosing Absolute !

Special Services

Competitive Obedience/Certification Training

These packages are specifically tailored for the canine super stars! Preparation for AKC obedience ring, AKC tracking, Schutzhund OB and TR titles are just a few examples of what Absolute K-9 can offer. Perhaps you are preparing for a Canine Good Citizens or Therapy Dog certification! We can help.  Please call for information regarding customized training packages.

 Jayme with "Dani"

Jayme with "Dani"

IPO Dog Sport

Our most sought after training program yet! With one of the leading IPO dog trainers in the world, Absolute K-9 is the top training facility for all three phases of this working dog sport. Our training program is suitable for all ages and levels, especially the very serious handler wishing to reach their highest potential.  Come with a goal and we will help you achieve it!If you do not yet have a dog appropriate for the level you aspire to reach, we will find the best dog for you, selected from either our own breeding stock, or from our access to the best working bloodlines in the US and abroad. IPO obedience, protection, and tracking are our specialties. Contact us for package options and pricing.

Personal Protection/Business Security

Personal Protection/Business Security is one of our most specialized and sophisticated programs available.  Pre-approved dogs that have completed training through Advanced Obedience are eligible for Personal Protection or Business Security training. Absolute K-9 also specializes in the exceptionally customized training and sales of the most elite canines.  Please see Absolute Protection Dog services for more information.

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     Bronson Fekkai's Bjӧrn

Bronson Fekkai's Bjӧrn

Police Service/USPCA Competition

 Officer Fisicaro and K-9 Matthews, Regional Champions 2013 pictured with trainer Sean Rivera.

Officer Fisicaro and K-9 Matthews, Regional Champions 2013 pictured with trainer Sean Rivera.

Absolute K-9  is very proud to include Police Service training as well as Police Dog sales in its vast repertoire. From officers who have already graduated from the Academy with their canines and wish to “fine tune” their training, to officers looking to purchase a select working dog to enter the Academy, we are more than equipped to assist you.  Our experience and knowledge of dogs of this caliber is unparalleled, and we would be privileged to aid in any and all training endeavors including behavior modification, advanced control, as well as high level competition training.  We also offer fully trained police dogs to USPCA standards including follow-up patrol school with the officer, saving departments several thousand dollars and months without their officer on the street.  In addition, our services  include Bomb and Drug Detection training to certification standards.  Please contact us for specific pricing and package information.

 Suit work with "Niko"

Suit work with "Niko"

Apprenticeship Program

Our apprenticeship program is for individuals who wish to explore a career in dog training professionally.  Here, students will learn not only how to train a dog from basic through advanced levels of obedience, but will also explore topics such as the fundamentals of behavior modification, conducting classes and private sessions, customer service, kennel management, and advertising.  Advanced programs can include competition training, protection dog training and sales, as well as specialized behavior modification. Course duration and pricing will depend on the individual’s time and capabilities as well as the level wished to be obtained.  Upon course completion, apprentices may have an opportunity to join the Absolute K-9 team, or begin their own training business. The apprenticeship program is a tremendously special opportunity, but only for a hard working and enthusiastic individual. Serious inquiries only.

 Sean with apprentice helper, Jose

Sean with apprentice helper, Jose

Helper/Decoy Training Program

The Helper/Decoy Training Program is available for those who wish to become a trial or training helper for IPO or ring sport, as well as law enforcement or personal protection decoy. Whether you are just beginning your education, or wish to sharpen your skills and reach the next level, Absolute K-9 can help.  The course will cover topics such as dog and helper safety, developing the young dog, proper equipment, working aggression and prey drives, and individual breed characteristics. The nature of this program is rigorous and demanding but will provide students with the most precise and safest skills possible, with a strong emphasis on proper foundation.  Serious inquiries only.

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